All-or-Nothing Campaign

By Kayla Guerin

Do you want to help generate social and economic value in urban zones? Do you want to help people that are affected by poverty? If your answer to these questions is yes, then Hoops High Road is for you! Hoops High Road tries to help the community by breaking down disadvantages some people have. Our vision is to create focal points in communities that provide safe and healthy outlets for local youth. To do this, Hoops High Roads aims to restore basketball tradition in Philadelphia by creating basketball courts and a mentor program.

Today Athletes C.A.R.E. is starting our “All-or-Nothing” campaign. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to help benefit disadvantaged children in Philly. If the goal is met 100% of the donations will go to Hoops High Road. If we do not meet our goal of $3,000, we will return all of the money to the original donors. Please donate to help us reach our goal of breaking down barriers through basketball!

Athletes Care 76ers Networking Night

The new semester has started and Athletes Care has begun planning for new activities one being the 76ers Networking Night. This event will take place on March 4, 2017 at the Wells Fargo Center in the Hall of Fame room. The networking night starts at 4 pm and tip-off is at 6 pm. Proceeds will support the work of Athletes C.A.R.E. This gives students the opportunity to not just network with Lafayette Alumni but the Philadelphia community as well. The 76ers will be playing the Detroit Pistons tickets for the event can be ordered through the link below. This is not only an opportunity to watch some basketball but another chance for students to network