Sincere Kindness

Every now and then a story sticks out to me, and I cannot help but wonder how someone could actually do that.  A perfect example of one of these stories that causes me to pause is one I found reading The Huffington Post.  Julio Diaz was on his daily commute home in New York City one night when a young man approached him with a knife, demanding his wallet.   At this point in the story I imagined myself smoothly unarming the mugger as he panics and sprints away; Later to be caught by the NYPD.  

However I am fully aware that I would be the one panicking and quickly handing over my purse, praying for no further conflict.  

Mr. Diaz decided to calmly hand his wallet over to the man, putting forth no resistance before doing so.  The next part of the story is what truly separates Mr. Diaz from the average commuter.

As the man turned to walk away with Mr. Diaz’s wallet, Mr. Diaz called out “If you’re going to be robbing people for the rest of the night, you might as well take my coat to keep you warm.”  This is where Mr. Diaz distances himself from majority of society.   While most would see a young punk robbing people because he can, Mr. Diaz sees a man in need risking jail time for some money.  Mr. Diaz ultimately ended up buying the young man dinner and showing him something he didn’t think was true, it is important to be kind to everyone.  

It is interesting to think about Mr. Diaz’s actions, and what you yourself would have done in the same situation.  It is easy to be kind to someone who has done you no wrong, but displaying that same kindness to someone that may not deserve it is much more difficult.  Even harder, making that kindness genuine.  

Our team at Athlete’s C.A.R.E. does not face life or death situations like Mr. Diaz.  However we hope we are helping the wonderful people we meet through our actions, and are learning from the experience every day.

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By Laura Zito