Without A Home

A recent Sports Center feature piece focused on two St. Louis Rams players, Chris Long and William Hayes, who wanted to experience life on the streets. They both wanted to test themselves to see if they could cope with the difficult life of living without a home. 

They were dressed with second hand clothing and given $4 each to go out on the streets and see how they would fair. They were initially worried about being recognized as professional football players but they were instead met with unpleasant gestures and actions by police officers and bystanders. 

For hours the players tried to panhandle a few extra bucks so they could salvage a meal. They asked for any amount of change; quarters, dimes, etc. A man actually gave Chris $5 and he thought about how this $5 would change someones day. William took the panhandling a little bit more difficult, he did not receive a dime. 

As the night time approached the guys tried to find a place to settle for the night. The began towards the edge of town, it took awhile for them to find a place but they eventually found an empty bed of an 18-wheeler. Although it was covered, it was brutally cold so after a couple hours in the truck they got up and decided to move. 

They sat and walked until the sunrise and that ended their time living on the streets. The next day they visited a couple of people living in empty buildings, these people are categorized as, chronically homeless. They met them and listened to their stories.

Together, Chris and William, teamed up for two people to live in temporary housing for two months. This meant that they would not have to worry about food or shelter for the next two months. 

Chris and William come from two very different backgrounds but that day they spent together on the streets has bonded them closer than they were before. Their eyes were opened, not to the usual disgust of homeless people but to see that these people have lives and they just might be on a little detour. 

Homelessness is not something for you to be afraid of it. It is not a glamorous life but by spending just one day these men felt strongly enough to lend a hand. I am not saying everyone should try living on the streets, because it can be dangerous, for a day but maybe give a second thought of all the privileges you have received throughout your life and be thankful for those. Watch this clip of these two courageous men and their day on the streets.