The affects of breast cancer have always “hit home” with the Athletes C.A.R.E. team. While we typically rally around hunger and homelessness, many members of our organization have been personally impacted in some way by breast cancer. Whether it is a mother, a sister, aunt, cousin, friend, neighbor, or teacher - we all have known someone who has fought against breast cancer. Below is the design for our new breast cancer awareness shirts! These shirts bring awareness to that fight, to that struggle. Wear them with pride, and with passion. Wear them as part of the Athletes C.A.R.E. team as we tip our caps to all the fighters out there and do our part to help them win the battle.

Thanks to our partners over at Inkster Cares, these cool shirts will be available online for a limited time. CLICK HERE to check out our page and purchase a shirt to support the cause!