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About Our Program

With the inception of the “Hoops High Road” program, Athletes C.A.R.E. is increasing the scope and scale of its operations so that we may expand our impact in the great city of Philadelphia.

Hoops High Road works to generate social and economic value in heavily populated urban zones affected by cyclical poverty and a deterioration of the motivational ethos that drives individual socioeconomic progression. We strive to break generational cycles that have created a disadvantaged class of American youth and reinvigorate the community with hope for the prospects of prosperity. Our vision is to create focal points in communities that provide safe and healthy outlets for local youth.

Gateway Initiative

This program couples cost-effective deployment of funds with quick implementation and wide impact. Philadelphia has a rich basketball history. Through this initiative, Hoops High Road will assure that Philadelphia’s proud basketball tradition lives on.

  • Basketball Courts — Construct and refurbish outdoor basketball courts in Philadelphia. 
  • Mentor Program — Counsel local athletes on the necessary steps to reach his or her athletic goals. Provide services to assist and advise on the recruitment process. Leverage relationships to connect athletes with academic and athletic grants, which will provide additional opportunities for socioeconomic advancement that may otherwise have been unreachable.

Program Goals

At Athletes C.A.R.E., we hold ourselves to the highest of professional standards. With the Hoops High Road program, we drive to meet our goals with a multi-faceted approach that leverages the talent and experience of established relationships to produce measurable social and economic value.

  • Provide programs that are cost-effective and widely accessible to maximize socioeconomic impact.
  • Connect youth with other resources that will provide further opportunities for individual progression.
  • Develop strategic partners that will be a resource for local youth, add value to programs, and increase the visibility of Athletes CARE.