A Letter to Alumni

Over the past 5 years we have had over 120 members of Athletes C.A.R.E. We would like to start an alumni network allowing all current and previous members to connect, talk and share what they are working on post Athletes C.A.R.E. and be able to stay up to date with what AC is achieving.

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Laura Zito
Starting Something New (Pt. 2/2)

“When you have the ability to make a positive impact, you have the responsibility to do so.”

One of my favorite all-time sports moments was Kevin Durant’s 2014 MVP speech, when he provided perhaps the best acceptance speech line of all-time. In addressing his mother, who was present in the crowd, choking back tears he said, “you’re the real MVP.”

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Alan Flannigan
Starting Something New... (1/2)

There’s just something about starting something new…

…that ignites a reinvigorating feeling of focus and purpose.

…that challenges you to learn and adapt when facing new obstacles.

…that also frustrates, confuses, and creates a fear of the unknown.

…that brings new highs and new lows.

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Alan Flannigan