NEWS: Davlin Philanthropic Fund Welcomes Athletes C.A.R.E.

Athletes C.A.R.E. is proud to announce that we are now a member of the prestigious Davlin Philanthropic Fund as part of the "Approved Charities List." As a member of the Davlin Philanthropic Fund, our organization will now be able to benefit from a world of investors looking to make a difference in the world. Founder Bill Davlin, discussing the fund, comments: 

"The Davlin Philanthropic Fund is the first SEC-registered, open-ended, no load mutual fund managed by a non-profiting investment advisor.  This allows Davlin Fund investors to receive all the normal returns from a mutual fund, while designating a significant portion of the advisory fees as donations to their favorite charities.  So, if your life is as hectic as mine and your commitment to your favorite charities is suffering because of it, we hope that the Davlin Fund can help."

sing our partnership with the fund, Athletes C.A.R.E. hopes to grow as an organization, benefitting from the fund's unique "sustained giving" model, so that we may continue our efforts to fight hunger and homelessness this year and beyond. Founder and Executive Director of Athletes C.A.R.E. Alec Golini notes, "This is a very exciting time for Athletes C.A.R.E. Our organization has the ability to now partner with a world-class philanthropic fund, hoping to use the power of investment to continue to serve those in need." 

For more information about the Davlin Philanthropic Fund, please visit

To donate to Athletes C.A.R.E through the fund, investors may visit their website for more information. As our involvement with the fund becomes greater, our organization will publicize opportunities for investment. With your help, we can better the world!