Shoutout to Kelvin Serem!

Just like any other Lafayette student, Kelvin Serem (called Serem by most) grabbed his coffee at Wawa this morning, picking up the New York Times on his way.  Unlike most Lafayette students, though, his picture was featured on the front cover of the sports section. Although an outstanding D1 cross country and track runner, it was not Serem’s stand out season featured in the Times. In the past few weeks Serem’s project- to build a school in his hometown in Kenya, Africa- has gained tons of attention. However, Serem has always been modest; his teammates and friends on campus have seen him talking for hours on the phone, battling time zone differences to organize his incredible project. Serem embodies all of the characteristics that Athletes C.A.R.E. honors: he maintains the schedule of a student-athlete while remaining passionate about giving back to the community that raised him. The Lafayette branch is proud to say that Serem is a part of our student-athlete community.  Please check out his features here:

Joanna Scotti