Get Up and Get Out!

Everyday is a great opportunity to be better than you were yesterday, help someone achieve something they never thought they could and this can be done with a smile and an open mind. An article that recently came out exemplifies this ideal perfectly.

There is a man named Tony Simmons who lives in Baltimore, Md. who helps homeless people “get up.” Mr. Simmons hit rock bottom and a couple years back but has recently decided to try and get back on track. It is amazing to hear that a man who has next to nothing wakes up and spends his day helping others. He listens to peoples stories and gives them comfort. He doesn’t tell anyone what to do he just gives little anecdotes of his life and tries to give them the correct resources. On a regular day, Mr. Simmons sits outside the Health Care for the Homeless clinic and talks to people and hands out fliers to various soup kitchens and dinners at a local church. 

A person across from the shelter watches Mr. Simmons and says that Mr. Simmons is very unselfish and it taught him to be more unselfish. This man did not even have to meet Mr. Simmons to help him become more unselfish, he watched Mr. Simmons' actions and saw the impact he had. People visit Mr. Simmons to say thank you and he modestly responds with, “I didn’t do much. I just said, “Get up.”

This is a wonderful story about how being there for someone can change lives. Mr. Simmons admits helping these people also helps him, “to get a little part of me back.” A popular phrase is, “Pay it Forward” if doing a kind thing for someone else encourages other actions of kindness, that is a place where good things happen. 

Athletes C.A.R.E. is an organization that is centered around unselfishness and giving back to the needy in any way possible. It can be helping a friend with homework or helping a stranger shovel some snow.  I know when I do these things it gives me a boost in my day. I challenge everyone to try and do a kind act for someone else that includes DONATING to our cause. Thank you!

Tom McCutcheon