Giving is the Best Communication

Lately Athlete’s C.A.R.E. has been thinking a lot about the concept of “Pay it Forward”. A concept that is beautifully displayed in this advertisement, created by the company Truemove H based in Thailand.



The commercial shows why it is important to look at situations from different perspectives. It would have been easy for the shopkeeper to scold the boy and send him on his way home empty handed. Instead he asked the boy about his Mom, confirming that the boy was stealing the medicine to try and help his Mother. Throughout the video it is clear that the shopkeeper was constantly giving back to others. Providing for them not only food, but also showing them compassion and empathy through his actions. The ad came full circle when the shopkeeper was buried in medical bills following a heart attack, his daughter struggling to find ways to pay for them. However, the shopkeeper’s kind actions towards the young boy in the beginning turned out to save him at the end. The young boy grew up to become the shopkeeper’s doctor, and his immense gratitude to the shopkeeper caused him to pay for all of his medical bills.


The video ends with the statement, “Giving is the best communication”. Everyday those who give towards students educations, are communicating the importance of a strong education and their belief that all who are willing to put in the effort deserve one, whether they can afford it or not. Everyday those who dump a bucket of water on themselves and donate to ALS are communicating that while the may not suffer from the disease, they recognize the intense need for a cure and feel for those suffering from it. Everyday when our student athletes in Athlete’s C.A.R.E. spend time organizing events to interact with the local community and raise money, canned goods or clothing for others, we are communicating our immense gratitude to be able to play a sport in such a wonderful community.  We are paying it forward by spending time with children at the local Boys and Girls Club and elementary schools, teaching them basketball during a free clinic or giving them a presentation on the importance of leadership and positivity. Our hope is to inspire them to one day give back as well, maybe we too can inspire a young boy to grow up to be a doctor. We can show these children how to C.A.R.E. How do you give back? How will you pay it forward?

Alec Golini