Playing After School

Paxinosa and Cheston, both Elementary School in the Easton area, provide after school activities for kids. School ends at 3:30, those signed up for the after school program grab a snack from the cafeteria, then either go to the library or to the gym. The kids spend about an hour at each location.

A couple of Athletes C.A.R.E. members joined the gym activities once the week of 3/2 and once the week of 3/9 and it was a blast. The kids broke up into teams of either 3-4 kids and ran about 10 different relay races. Our own members, Julian Plummer and Tom McCutcheon, joined a few relay races and they had a great time doing it.

It was a pleasure to play with the kids and see them running around smiling and getting some exercise. At the end of the session there were numerous kids who came up to the Athlete’s C.A.R.E. members and asked if they could come back soon. This left an amazing impression on the members, which made them smile and really appreciate what the kids have did for them.

It is little things, like attending an after school program for an hour and a half, that can have a positive impact on our community. Any way to help is what Athlete’s C.A.R.E. is about!

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Tom McCutcheon