PAWS Night at the Boys & Girls Club of Easton

Many members of Athletes C.A.R.E are engaged in an online pen-pal relationship with children at the Boys & Girls Club of Easton through a program called PAWS (Pairing Athletes With Students). On February 26th, we got a chance to meet our friends in person when members of Athletes C.A.R.E. and PAWS participated in PAWS Night at the Boys & Girls Club of Easton.

Besides meeting the faces behind the emails, we spent the evening playing board games, different sports, and other fun activities with the children. Some of the biggest hits were basketball, Jenga, and Twister.

Once we were given a tour of the facility and shown the computer room, recreation room, game room, and gym, we divided ourselves into groups and joined in the games. The computer room was set-aside for PAWS members to meet with their pals and have conversation. The recreation room featured board games, a drum set, and room to play Twister. In the game room, members played foosball with the boys and girls. The gym was packed, with some members and children playing basketball, some playing soccer, and others running races.

There was a high stakes game of Clue, steady hands and concentrating eyes playing Jenga, and competiveness fueling the game of knock out in the gym. However, by the end of the night, many of the boys and girls became fascinated with the height of some of our taller members, and got in line for piggyback rides around the gym.

Women’s soccer player Kaelin King met her pal, Shannon.  After saying hello, the two played knockout together in the gym, participated in the races, and posed for a picture. Sophomore field hockey player Aliza Furneaux also had the pleasure of meeting her pal, and they got to know each other better face to face.

Throughout the night, the boys and girls often asked us if we would come back and play with them again. Though we thoroughly enjoy our correspondence with our pals through email, nothing could compare to getting to spend time together in person. We are already looking forward to our next visit to the Boys & Girls Club of Easton! 

Katelyn Arnold