Lafayette Women's Lacrosse Teams Up with Athletes C.A.R.E.

Athlete’s C.A.R.E. teamed up with the Lafayette Women’s Lacrosse team to help give back to the Easton community.

The Women's Lacrosse team and members of Athletes C.A.R.E. sold hand made felt roses leading up to Valentine’s Day to raise money for the Easter event. With the money raised by sales and donations, the team purchased goodies, baskets, and plastic eggs to create a fun and festive holiday for the local boys and girls club of Easton!

Along with the Easter Baskets, the team also set up an Easter egg hunt with over 150 eggs! All kids were welcome to participate and enjoyed a great day and fun Easter egg hunt with athletes from Lafayette!

Check out the link below to read more and watch a video of the successful Easter event!

Joanna Scotti