2015 All-Or-Nothing Campaign

WE DID IT! The All-Or-Nothing campaign surpassed the goal of $2,500, with donations from our believers, were we able to raise 144% of original goal for a grand total of, $3,605.  For the second time in three years, all the proceeds will go to the Roofover Shelter in downtown Easton, PA. The Roofover Shelter provides housing for families, up to two years, with children as old as 18. Judy Mathewson, the Executive Director of the Easton Area Neighborhood Center which oversees the Roofover Shelter intended to use the funds to build an outdoor play area for children, an outdoor seating area for adults, and to refurbish the interior of the shelter. Below is a short documentary on the RoofOver Shelter created by Athletes C.A.R.E. members in the Spring of 2014.


Athletes C.A.R.E.'s first ever All-Or-Nothing campaign in 2013 had an initial of goal of $1,000, with help from family, friends and others generous donors we raised over $6,000. The All-Or-Nothing campaign, hosted by WeDidIt NYC, has been a staple for Athletes C.A.R.E. Our partnership with WeDidIt has been tremendous, and we look forward to future campaigns involving many of our additional branches, extending beyond just the Lehigh Valley of Easton, PA.   

This year's fundraiser ended on April 3rd, concluding a 45-day campaign that was exceedingly successful. It is truly incredible to see what a group can do to help a community - young people bringing so much joy to those who truly need it most.  A special thank you should go to the members of Athletes C.A.R.E, who felt strongly enough to not only try and raise money, but also donate themselves. The organization would also like to recognize the repeat donors, as this group understands that fighting homelessness is a continual effort. This concludes our third All-Or-Nothing campaign and Athlete’s C.A.R.E. is proud to acknowledge that no donations have had to be returned to donors, with all donations benefiting various causes for three separate years. It is a testament to the passion and care for helping the needy that people possess. If you would like to get involved, please contact our team

Tom McCutcheon