Athletes C.A.R.E. Members Volunteer at Clam Jam!

On August 31st, several Athletes C.A.R.E. members volunteered at the second annual Clam Jam Clambake Festival in downtown Easton!

Billy Murphy, Dante Piccolo, Haley Mauriello, Noelle Buckley, Natalie Grune, and Zach Rufer helped out 3rd & Ferry St. Fish Market take down tents, tables, and chairs towards the end of the festival. Members also helped put away various items for the restaurant. Earlier this year, 3rd & Ferry St. Fish Market was a sponsor for the Athletes C.A.R.E. Golf Outing, contributing to raise funds for our organization to help those in need in the surrounding Easton area.

We would like to thank 3rd & Ferry St. Fish Market for their donation, as well our Athletes C.A.R.E. members for volunteering to help out!

Joanna Scotti