Camp Out for Hunger

By Bella Maita

This week, Philadelphia station 99.3 WMMR proved that radio during December does more than play holiday music.  The local rock station hosted “Camp Out for Hunger”, a food drive that took in 683 TONS of food this year!  Through a business challenge, prizes, and events like Monday Night Football, concerts, and comedy nights, Camp Out for Hunger involved people throughout Philly.  Radio hosts Preston Elliot and Steve started Camp Out for Hunger in 2009 with a simple outdoor broadcast, but over the years Camp Out for Hunger has grown exponentially.  Now the drive is the largest in the nation!  Camp Out for Hunger embodies all of Athletes CARE’s values; it brought together a community for a fabulous cause: helping out those who are needy.  Congratulations to Preston and Steve for a successful food drive and Happy Holidays from Athletes CARE!

Stephanie Nickerson