A Letter to Alumni

Dear Athletes C.A.R.E. Alumni,

Since our founding 5 years ago, Athletes C.A.R.E. has grown and achieved a lot! Together we have raised over $45,000, donated 4,700 pounds of food and touched the lives of over 1,450 children through our events. Our programs like the 4Hunger events, HUDDLE and the All-or-Nothing campaign, along with our members, family and friends support, is what has allowed us to do this.

Over the past 5 years we have had over 120 members of Athletes C.A.R.E. We would like to start an alumni network allowing all current and previous members to connect, talk and share what they are working on post Athletes C.A.R.E. and be able to stay up to date with what AC is achieving. One of our current members, Tali Dressler, is in charge of this network and helping to keep our LinkedIn page up to date. If you are an AC alum, you may be seeing a message from her on LinkedIn. By creating this company page all Alumni can add AC to their profiles and join our alumni network. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at Laura@athletes.care or Tali at dresslea@lafayette.edu.

With this, we are also extremely excited to announce our first Athletes C.A.R.E. Gala which will benefit our new Hoops High Road Program. The Gala will be held on September 30th at Temple University Mitton Hall in Philadelphia. You can View the Invite Here. If enough people from NYC are interested in attending, we will organize a bus to and from New York upon confirmation from those interested. If you would like an invitation in the mail please email me your mailing address or visit http://www.athletes.care/hoops-high-road.

We are looking forward to getting this network going and keeping in touch to help continue building Athletes C.A.R.E. for the future!


Laura Zito

Executive Director



Laura Zito