Starting Something New... (1/2)

By Alan Flannigan

There’s just something about starting something new…

…that ignites a reinvigorating feeling of focus and purpose.

…that challenges you to learn and adapt when facing new obstacles. 

…that also frustrates, confuses, and creates a fear of the unknown. 

…that brings new highs and new lows.

The past few years have brought many new beginnings in my life, and at times I would have ended that sentence with any mixture of these feelings.  But inevitably with every change, next step, proverbial turn of the page, and with every start to something new, I inevitably ask myself the same questions.

How committed am I? 

Can I give more?

How much do I care?

Since our founding in 2012, Athletes CARE has continuously strived to break new ground both with our philanthropic philosophy and how we connect with communities in need.  We’ve impacted thousands of lives through aid-based relief.  We’ve built stronger connections between the campus and the community.  And we’ve helped build leaders who remain committed to our cause.  

Over the past few months, Athletes CARE has been starting it’s something new—something BIG.  And in the face of each new obstacle that this initiative has created, how our executives and team have responded to these three questions has been amazing, ultimately leaving me struck by how much they care.

Athletes CARE isn’t just the name of our organization, it’s a statement about who we are.

That is the foundation for our something new, the Hoops High Road program.

Alan Flannigan