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  • Athletes CARE has been a force on our campus since Alec started it a few years ago. Our student-athletes are extremely engaged and motivated to help our community through Athletes CARE, and typically the number of student-athletes that want to be involved are more than the organization can accept . It’s brought a unity to our student-athlete population that outweighs any other program we’ve done. We are proud of Alec’s initiative with this organization and equally proud of the student-athletes that are engaged with it and keep it running on our campus.
    — Kaity McKittrick, Associate Athletic Director, Lafayette College
  • At the Nazareth Area Food Bank, in Nazareth, Pa., we greatly appreciate the efforts by Lafayette College Leopards involved with Athletes C.A.R.E. because of the tremendous amount of non-perishable food items the women and men collected and brought to us from their sports clinics for elementary school children in the Easton area. The 300 families and individuals -- including more than 200 children -- whom we assist with food have been the beneficiaries of the two soccer clinics, one basketball clinic and a track team clinic. When the Athletes C.A.R.E folks deliver canned goods and other food items that fill a pickup truck bed, we couldn't be more pleased because it means we can stretch our own treasury resources further. We really are indebted to Athletes C.A.R.E at Lafayette College.
    — Jim Byrnes, Director of the Nazareth Food Bank
  • The students in our Life Skills class looked forward to getting emails from their 'college friends.' It made them feel very special and they enjoyed hearing about their interests and events, as well as sharing their own. The students felt connected to their email PALS, and considered them 'friends.' I would recommend this program to both groups of students.
    — Mary Schmidt, CIU PAWS Program
  • Our club kids have enjoyed the P.A.W.S. Nights and the e-mailing P.A.W.S program that took place in 2015. The Easter party and basket giveaway was a huge hit! It was a pleasure to have you and your fellow volunteer athletes at the Boys and Girls Club of Easton serving as mentors and impacting the lives of the children we serve. We are grateful for all that you do.
    — Monica Bowles, Boys and Girls Club
  • A big thanks to all of you who were involved in this event! We brought our 10 year old friend, Joshua K., and stayed to watch the entire afternoon. We have had Josh to several of the men's home games, so he already knew the athletes; he doesn't say a lot, but his final comment was, "those guys are HUGE". The event was well organized, fast paced, and a worthy cause (I volunteer at Nazareth Area Food Bank once a month; carrying the bags for the recipients). A special compliment to Seth Hinrichs for taking the initiative in engaging Josh. We arrived well ahead of time and Josh (being shy) immediately went to the far court basket, where nobody was. Seth followed him down and they had a good passing and shooting session for 15 minutes or so before a whole lot of other kids showed up. So thanks to all of you; you made memories some of these kids will never forget! It is natural for children to admire and emulate athletes. Athletes C.A.R.E. uses that simple fact to do good in their community. They provide an opportunity for the athletes to display other aspects of their personality: they can connect, they can engage, they can teach, they can inspire. We saw a well organized program, great and caring athletes, and inspired kids.
    — Dave and Sunny Kline, Parent of Ball4Hunger Participant
  • The recognition received...simply speaks to the greater Athletes C.A.R.E. team that has worked so hard to create long-term change in the communities in which we live. Our athletes are passionate about the communities that have afforded them so much – it is a privilege to give back and serve those same communities by addressing hunger and homelessness, issues that are so prominent in our society today. Each day, we take a small step forward in creating long-lasting change in our communities – but it always feels just as good to receive a hug, smile, or handshake – a token of gratitude from the very hunger-stricken and homeless whom we serve….An organization like this isn’t built by one person, but by a group of people passionate about making a difference.
    — Alec Golini, Founder of Athletes C.A.R.E. | Lafayette College Men's Soccer 14'
  • I am a member of Athletes C.A.R.E. because I find the impact and difference that we make in people’s lives to be a truly rewarding experience. A simple “thank you” from a homeless person or a cheerful “hello” from a child we interact with are what make the extra time and effort to be a part of this awesome organization all worth it.
    — Amanda Magadan, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Field Hockey 17'
  • To me, Athletes C.A.R.E. is a way for me to give back to the less fortunate. I have been so blessed in my life thus far with attending Lafayette and meeting so many great people, playing soccer, and having a healthy family. Athletes C.A.R.E. gave me an opportunity to give back and help all those in need in the Lehigh Valley. If anything, I have gained so much from being a part of this incredible organization. I have learned a lot about myself and from the kids and families we have helped and worked with.
    — Bradley Seeber, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Men's Soccer, 18'
  • I joined Athletes C.A.R.E. because I enjoy giving back and making people happy. I love smiling and being happy myself, so when we volunteer, it is more than satisfying to know that I have made someone’s day. I also feel that it is amazing that we, as privileged athletes, have been given the opportunity to give back to those that may be less fortunate, whether it is an adult that is in need or a child that one day aspires to be in our shoes.
    — Christian Moyse, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Men's Soccer 18'
  • I am in Athletes C.A.R.E. because it puts me in a position where I am able to make a difference. It’s a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community, and I really appreciate the amazing things we have been able to do over the past couple of years. This organization has opened my eyes to different situations and how people can truly come together to help each other.
    — Shannon Hartzell, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Women's Soccer 16'
  • I love being in Athletes C.A.R.E. because being a part of a team is much more than working together at practice or races. As a large group of people that is as close-knit as our team, we have an incredible opportunity to give back. Especially on College Hill, where there is a divide between Lafayette and the rest of Easton, it can be easy to forget the people who live on the streets we run through. I think Athletes C.A.R.E. is a great way to bridge the gap between our school and the community that supports us. Athletes C.A.R.E. gave our team the opportunity to host a Running4Hunger track clinic. I loved working with the kids at our Running4Hunger event, because it was a unique chance to teach kids how to love my favorite sport and help the homeless and those in need.
    — Isabella Maita, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Track and Field 17'
  • Athletes C.A.R.E. has given me the power and the confidence to make a difference in the community. I get to be surrounded by individuals that share the same passion that I do who are also extremely dedicated and disciplined because of their experience of being an athlete. Our organization is unique because it is completely student run. It gives the members full autonomy and responsibility, which is a lot of work but is always rewarding. Athletes C.A.R.E. has been a huge part of shaping the person I’ve become. It challenges me to see how I can make my community even better, which is a mindset that started when I joined the organization and one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
    — Julia Wescott, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Women's Soccer 17'
  • I joined Athletes C.A.R.E. for two reasons: 1. I have always enjoyed giving back to my community and helping others in need, so to have the chance to continue doing that in college, even with the time constraints of being a Division 1 athlete, is an incredible opportunity. 2. I love the fact that our work has an athletic focus. Sports are such a big part of my life as well as the other athletes in this organization, so to be able to to do service projects that have a focus on something we are all very passionate about makes being in this organization fun and our work meaningful. One thing that I have gained from this experience besides the obvious joy that comes from helping others in need is the opportunity to see how a non-profit runs. Athletes C.A.R.E. is a very young organization, so to be a part of it as it grows gives us the chance to see what goes into running a non-profit and even contribute to the structure and growth of the organization.
    — Kaelin King, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Women's Soccer 17'
  • The people involved with Athletes C.A.R.E. are what make it so great. We are an organization of athletes who understand how fortunate we are to be able to play sports and to have been raised well so we try our best to offer that same quality of life to others in need. I have gained an appreciation for being a part of something bigger than myself and seeing how happy our donations make those people we serve.
    — Dante Piccolo, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Men's Soccer 17'
  • I am in Athletes C.A.R.E. because it combines my commitment to both athletics and serving the greater community. By being a part of Athletes C.A.R.E., I have learned very valuable skills in leadership and communication, as I was given the opportunity to start my own project called Athletes 4 SERVICE. The project involves Lafayette sports teams making meals for Safe Harbor Easton’s Day Program every Thursday of the semester. I am so grateful for Athletes C.A.R.E.’s support of my project and making it into a reality.
    — Caroline Ponsi, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Women's Lacrosse 17'
  • The reason I do Athletes C.A.R.E. is I enjoy working with other athletes that have a similar interest in helping the community around us. I enjoy seeing the smiles that come from the people of Easton that are in need. From this experience, I have learned that the life I have is very lucky and that the little things in life can make a big deal in someone else’s life. I remember how much it meant for my PAWS Pal to finally meet me in person at the Boys & Girls Club of Easton. Or how successful we feel as a group of athletes to collect pounds and pounds of food in canned food drives. Athletes C.A.R.E. allowed me to make a different group of friends who want to help others.
    — Stephanie Nickerson, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Women's Swimming 17'
  • I joined Athletes C.A.R.E. during my junior year after noticing the positive work that they facilitate between collegiate athletes and their communities. Coming from a team of 75+ student-athletes, I knew we could use our numbers to plan a great event. This fall, we held the first annual Running4Hunger clinic, an idea based on the Kicking4Hunger and Ball4Hunger clinics previously run by Athletes C.A.R.E. I enjoy being part of such an ambitious organization, and I believe in the importance of helping the Easton community.
    — Zoe Nagasing, Athletes C.A.R.E. Member | Lafayette College Track and Field 16'

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